British Library 2017

‘Art and Archives: Tracing the art world through archival sources’ at the British Library
6 November 2017

Barbara Pezzini, ‘From Perugia to Trafalgar Square via Blenheim Palace and the House of Commons: the archival sources of Raphael’s Ansidei Madonna’
Mark Pomeroy, ‘Strategic display: tracing evidence of the Royal Academy’s contribution to exhibition culture’
Susanna Avery-Quash, ‘Charles Eastlake’s travel notebooks as a source for the history of art and the history of Britain’s national collection’
Richard Wragg, ‘A history of recordkeeping at the National Gallery: curatorial and archival approaches’
Adrian Glew, ‘Tate Archive and the HLF-funded Archives and Access project’
Cathy Courtney, ‘The Artists’ Lives oral history project at the British Library’