Glasgow 2021

The Fifteenth Century Book: Manuscripts in the Early Age of Print

Virtual seminar hosted by the University of Glasgow on 21 April 2021

14.00-14.10 Welcome, Outline programme, opening remarks (Siobhan Convery, University of Glasgow)

14.10-15.10 Ownership and engagement
14.10-14.25: The account book of the Venetian bookseller Francesco de Madiis (1484-88): the (extraordinary) evidence of fifteenth-century book ownership (Professor Cristina Dondi, University of Oxford)
14.25-14.40: Collecting the fifteenth-century book in Georgian London: books and manuscripts in Dr William Hunter’s library (Michelle Craig, University of Glasgow)
14.40-14.50: Questions/discussion
14.50-15.05: A remote view of manuscript and print in the Hunterian Library: a mini presentation of books using the Special Collections visualiser (Julie Gardham, University of Glasgow)
15.05-15.10: Questions/discussion on visualiser session

15.10-15.25 Break

15.25-16.25 Materiality
15.25-15.40: The colour of lust: pigments in the Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles (Prof Richard Gameson, University of Durham)
15.40-15.55: Experimenting with Print in Fifteenth-Century Manuscripts (Dr Aditi Nafde, University of Newcastle)
15.55-16.10: Rough & Ready: Recycling in Late Medieval Books (Dr Hannah Ryley, University of Oxford)
16.10-16.25: Questions/discussion

16.25-16.30 Finish, Round up of workshop (Dr Bernard Meehan, Trinity College Dublin)

16.30-16.45 AMARC AGM