Lambeth Palace Library 2022

Summer Meeting 2022/AGM

The first in-person meeting since 2019 was held at Lambeth Palace Library on Thursday 14 July 2022. In keeping with the venue, construction of which was completed in 2020, the theme of the meeting concerned archive and library buildings, past, present and future. The meeting was held in the Bancroft Room, where attendees were able to enjoy views across London from the terrace.

Two papers in the morning looked to the past. Richard Harris of Magdalen College, Oxford spoke about their Muniment Tower, which was built in the 15th century to house the college’s collection of title deeds and is still used for this purpose today. Nigel Ramsay discussed the libraries at cathedrals staffed by secular canons, and how books were kept not in one place but were dispersed across the cathedral premises.

In the afternoon, two papers looked at the present and future, by exploring the new buildings that have recently been built to house archives and manuscripts. First, Kate Chantry of Suffolk Archives spoke about the Hold at Ipswich, which was opened to the public in September 2021. Second, one of the architects of Lambeth Palace Library spoke about the design of this new addition to the London skyline.

Attendees also had the chance to go on guided tours of the new library building at Lambeth at the end of the day.

Not the least of the highlights of the programme was the AMARC AGM, which was held over the lunch break. AMARC members were warmly encouraged to attend this as well.