British Library 2007

‘Treasures: Known and Unknown’ at the British Library, London
2-3 July 2007

Eberhard Konig, ‘Questions concerning the Bedford Hours’
Jenny Stratford, ‘Additions to the Bedford Hours and the Bedford portraits’
Catherine Reynolds, ‘The dates of the Bedford Hours’
Patricia Stirnemann, ‘The Tres Riches Heures and the Bedford Hours’
Roger Wieck, ‘A Lombard’s legacy lost: the Master of Walters 219, the Tres Riches Heures, and the Bedford Hours’
Keynote address by John Lowden, ‘Researching illuminated manuscripts in the digital era’

Anne Korteweg, ‘The Master of the Trivial Heads’
Philippe Palasi, ‘Databases and heraldry: examples of manuscripts from the British Library’
Michael Gullick, ‘Fragments of a Norman Bible and other fragments’
Sandy Heslop
Stella Panayotova, ‘East Anglian manuscripts of the early fourteenth century in the British Library’
Mara Hofmann, ‘The perception of unfinished art works: the Hours of Dionora of Urbino (Y. Th. 7) and other British Library manuscripts
David Rundle, ‘A prince and his readings : findings from the margins of the British Library manuscripts from the collection of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester’