Oxford 2012

‘Conserving Manuscripts and Archives in Oxford’, at Magdalen College, Oxford
29 November 2012

Jane Eagan, Head Conservator, Oxford Conservation Consortium, ‘Conservation and preservation in small libraries: an Oxford perspective’
Virginia M. Lladó-Buisán, Head of Conservation & Collection Care, Bodleian Libraries, ‘Conservation and preservation in a large library: the Bodleian perspective’
Victoria Stevens, Conservator, Oxford Conservation Consortium, ‘The conservation of college domestic accounts: the University College buttery books’
Arthur Green, Book Conservator, Bodleian Libraries, ‘Manuscript or print? The Conservation of the Abinger wet-transfer copies’
Katerina Powell, Senior Conservator, Oxford Conservation Consortium, ‘Rehousing of 13th to 15th century music fragments in Merton College Library’
Sallyanne Gilchrist, Exhibitions Conservator, Bodleian Libraries, ‘Prepare for take-off – a conservator’s perspective on international loans’