Sussex 2022

Spring Meeting 2022
Law and (original) order: Legal papers in archive collections

Virtual seminar hosted by the University of Sussex
1st February 2022, 14.00-16.30

AMARC’s second virtual meeting spanned the medieval to the modern, with speakers discussing the importance of legal records and demonstrating how they can illuminate social history.

The meeting started with an examination of medieval and early modern title deeds at The National Archives. It then covered the rich literary vein running through the archives of Middle Temple, and the issue of legal records at risk. The meeting concluded with an introduction to the archive of Jeremy Hutchinson QC, who worked on the defence team in the Lady Chatterley trial in 1960.

Summary Programme
14.00 Welcome, Bernard Meehan, AMARC Chair
14.10 Our deeds still travel with us from afar: Medieval and early modern title deeds at The National Archives, Daniel F. Gosling, The National Archives
14.40 The wig, the pen and the bastinado: literary culture in legal papers, Barnaby Bryan, Middle Temple
15.10 Break
15.25 Legal records at risk and the value of local community records, Clare Cowling, University of London
15.55 Silk, sex and scandal: the archive of Jeremy Hutchinson QC, Richard Wragg, University of Sussex
16.25 Concluding remarks, Bernard Meehan, AMARC Chair
16.30 Close